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Spring 2014

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As a member of the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, (MSYSA), United States Youth Soccer Association, (USYSA), and Positive Coaching Alliance, we believe youth soccer should be a rewarding experience for the parents, as well as the players. Talent is our main theme in everything we do.

 • LCSC strives to offer consistent, high level training across all programs. From the In-House Lil' Kickers program, up to our top end Premier divisions.

• LCSC encourages and pays for our coaches to attain State Certified Youth Licenses.

• LCSC conducts Soccer Camps during the summer, which includes working with Livonia High School coaching staffs.

• LCSC offers year round skill sessions to all players at all levels, including   professional Trainers for Goal Keepers.

• LCSC believes in training not only the players, but also the coaches as well and offers year round "Model Training" sessions to our coaching staff, including how to be a better youth sports coach.

• LCSC sends coaching representatives to national and regional coaching clinics.Why do we do all this? So your child can have a Positive, Exciting Experience Playing Youth Soccer.


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